List of 10 Most Popular Beaches of North Goa

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At Arambol beach - Photo: Mandir Prem

Goa – the Ibiza of India is quite synonymous to factors that are indicative of a “happy-go-lucky” beach life. The tiny state has managed to grab the attention of tourists both locally and globally. Famous for its nightlife, cheap liquor, psychedelic parties and much more – Goa has managed to pull up a position in the top ten tourist destinations in India. Goa is segregated into two locales: North Goa, the party hub and South Goa, loaded with breathtaking vistas and tranquility. Hemmed around the western shore of India, Goa shorelines provide you with everything that you need for a memorable vacation. For all adventure fanatics and party freaks, North Goa has it all. The lengthy stretch of golden coastline offers various exciting watersports for thrill seekers, a chain of restaurants and beach shacks for seafood lovers. Further to your information, below given are the top ten beaches in North Goa you must visit.

  1. Baga Beach

The beach that never goes to rest is Baga Beach. Embarked by famous Nightclubs like Tito’s and Mambos, this beach is for all who want to party all night long. During the day time, treat yourself with some sunshine and a relaxing body massage from local vendors while resting upon a sun bed which is available for rent on an hourly basis. The beautiful view during sunsets is like an icing to the cake and this makes it hit the list of top ten North Goan beaches.

It is located in North Goa-sixteen kilometers from Panjim and is easily accessible by Local transport or Private transport. You will also find many operators on the road offering bikes or cars on rent at pocket-friendly prices. For some adventure, try out kayaking or catamaran sailing during the sunset as the view is going to leave you enthralled.

Things to do: Water Sports Activities, Clubs, Nightlife, Cheap Rentals etc

  1. Calangute Beach

Also known as the queen of beaches, Calangute Beach is the most popular amongst all the beaches in North Goa. It is visited by all but liked mostly by domestic tourists. The golden stretch of coastline is busy all-round the year but gets the busiest from November onwards. The beach is bordered by famous shacks like Renzo’s Inn, Tibetan kitchen etc. that serves savory dishes.

It is located fifteen kilometers from Panjim and is a walkable distance from the bus stop. It is advised to park your rides in the parking and walk around the huge Calangute market for some shopping. Also, do not miss to try your hands on the watersports like Flyboarding while you are at the Calangute beach. It will give definitely give you an experience for life.

Things to do: Tattoos Parlors, Tibetian Handicraft, Shopping, Watersports Activities, Cashews, Night Life etc

  1. Anjuna Beach

Anjuna beach was once a home to young, wild and kooky hippies. The vibes at Anjuna beach are completely different. It is a beach that is famous for its all night long Psychedelic parties and is mostly visited by foreigners, backpackers, and hippies. The coastline is a little rocky which allows the visitors to climb up the little rocks and enjoy the serenity of this limitless ocean. Further to this, Anjuna is famous for its flea market popularized by the hippies during 60s. You may be able to find some antique jewelry and some other items of collectibles.

You can try some popular resto-bars like Primrose, Sea Rock Bar, Curlies Beach Shack, Shiva Valley etc. You can also enroll yourself for paragliding for some adventure.

Best for: Nightclubs, Hippies, Adventure Activities.

  1. Morjim Beach

The Morjim beach or the ‘Turtle beach’ has an exclusive ecosystem that makes it a perfect habitat for Olive Ridley sea turtles that are seen at the beach during in the evening specially to lay eggs. The beach is neatly bordered by Chapora river which is like an icing on the cake.
With less crowd and limited shacks, this beach is cleaner and quieter to spend some tranquil moments with your loved ones. Morjim is also known as ‘little Russia’ as it is largely populated by Russian immigrants. If you are looking for some adventure, do not miss to try Flyboarding or Kayaking. For food fanatics, look no further from Bora Bora.

To enjoy the scenic view, there are a number of resorts that are sea facing and are easily available. Do not miss to add this beach to your bucket list as the silky sand and the serenity of this beach may just melt your heart down.

Known for: Turtle Conservations, Chapora River, Relaxation, Shacks, Russian Localites.

  1. Arambol Beach

The backpacker’s paradise- Arambol beach or the Bohemian beach is one of the most spectacular beaches that offer the best sunsets compared to all. Arambol is both a traditional fisherman village and a well-known tourist destination too. This beach is flanked by two other beaches the Keri beach and Mandrem beach. Adding to the beauty, there is a freshwater lake i.e. the Sweet lake. The big banyan tree in the jungle valley is something that you must have a look at because it is something that you definitely would not have seen before. You may find some people meditating and performing Yoga under the giant tree.

When you are in Arambol, you have a number of activities to keep yourself busy with. You can try some wellness activities like Yoga or meditation, a drum circle or a weekend beachside market during sunset, jumping off a cliff to paraglide or just stroll around the market lanes. There is something for everybody in Arambol. It is located at quite some distance but is easily accessible by bike or car.

Popular for: Yoga Retreats, Yoga Schools, Hippies, Spiritual Activities, Candle Light Dinner.

  1. Mandrem Beach

Sandwiched between the twin shorelines of Ashwem and Arambol, this small yet beautiful beach is less exploited by the tourists which is why the beauty of its tranquil waters still remains preserved. The shimmering white sand, tall casuarina and palm trees add to the beauty of this astounding beach.

Mandrem beach, Goa
Mandrem beach, Goa – Photo: Fullzumble

Adding to the magnificence of this beach, during the high times, the formation of Mandrem creek that runs parallel to the waterline is all that you would not want to miss. It is located in the Northern most part of Goa towards Maharashtra border. Unfortunately, there is nothing for adventure seekers but it is definitely a paradise to all those who wish to spend some time in peace with their loved ones.

Things to do: Yoga Ashram, Surfing, Ayurvedic Massage, Watersports.

  1. Sinquerim Beach

Situated in the south most of all the beaches like Baga, Calangute, and Candolim, Sinquerium beach is another one that you should not miss. In terms of crowd, it is comparatively lesser than the other beaches which is why it is cleaner and peaceful which is why it makes it perfect for the swimmers.

However, Sinquerim beach is bordered by well-known restaurants like Tuscany Gardens, Earthen oven, the Mermaid and Banyan tree. To enjoy sea facing view that overlooks the mighty Aguada fort, you can book your stay at Taj Fort Aguada Resort & Spa, the Banyan Soul, and Goa Marriott Resort and Spa.

Things to do: Boat Tours, Resorts, Scuba Diving Activities, Jewellery, Local Shopping, Spa.

  1. Dona Paula Beach

Famous for its legendary tale, named after the Portuguese Viceroy’s daughter Dona Paula de Menezes who jumped off the cliff after facing objections from her family for her love affair with a fisherman- this beach is a lover’s paradise. Dona Paula is famous for its fancy residence of rich people in Panjim.

Dona Paula, Goa - Drone View
Dona Paula, Goa photo: wally braganza

It is tucked in the Southern part of the rocky headland where the Zuari and the Mandovi river meets the Arabian sea. This beach calls for tourists who come to wonder at its natural beauty and pristine waters. You can spend your time doing some watersports like Jet ski, Banana Ride, Bumper ride and Parasailing.

Popular for: Couple’s Favourite, Central Library, Windsurfing, Flyboarding, Sunset Point.

  1. Vagator Beach

Located towards the North of Anjuna, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Vagator beach. The steep red cliffs portraying a magnificent view overlook the shore. This beach is split into two large beaches i.e Small Vagator beach and Big Vagator beach by a strip of land. The small Vagator beach is also known as Ozran Beach.

Vagator beach is famous for various events that are conducted there. Be it music festivals, Bike festivals etc. There are lavish multi-cuisine restaurants like Thalassa, Antares that serve mouthwatering food. Also, a famous party place “Hilltop”- that is one of the best places for rave parties in the world is also located in Vagator. Unfortunately, you will not get to do watersports at this beach but apart from that, you have a number of things to do like you can walk around the beach with your loved ones enjoying the mesmerizing view, local stalls selling souvenirs, and cloth shops.

Things to do: Nightclubs, Trans, Spa, Fort, Dolphin Sights.

  1. Candolim Beach

Candolim Beach is known for its cleanliness and liveliness because of the mixed fraternity of visitors. The white sandy lengthy coastline stretches for 30kms approximately from the Aguada Fort to Chapora Beach. The beach attracts most of the foreign retirees who spend their leisure time sitting at the beach for some sunbathing, swimming and relaxing.

The stretch has some famous spots for nightlife like SinQ, Love Passion and Karma, Cohiba etc. These are some famous nightclubs that are couple friendly and invite an only exceptional crowd. Also, you may find A chain of famous restaurants like Fisherman’s Cove, Calamari, Jazz corner. You can also try some watersports as the water here is cleaner compared to other beaches. You will be amazed to see the view of this vast expanse while you parasail. It is located 11 kilometers from Panjim and is easily accessible by all modes of transport. You can even take your own rides as there is a huge pay parking.

The beaches in North Goa are all that you need for a perfect beach holiday. You can just pick a guide for yourself and rent a bike or car as per your pocket preference. The easiest mode of transportation due to narrow streets and traffic jams would be renting a moped. There will be a number of bike or car rentals offering from cheapest bike to most expensive bikes like Harley Davidson. So what more do you need to make your holiday- a never to forget the holiday? Get your camera gears ready and click some great pictures of your trip to Goa.

Best for: Beach Holidays, Luxury Hotels, Car and Bike Rentals, Watersports, Seafood.

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