Top 10 Bakeries in Goa

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Goan Bakeries have a rich tradition and history attached to them. Most Goan bakeries are between 15 to 40 years old and are essentially set in heritage structure and often dish out the best of cakes, pastries, and bebinca – a traditional Goan dessert. Baking in Goa is a family business and hence the secrets are passed on from generation to generation. Traditional bakeries are a sort of landmark in Goa and therefore they often are a part of the social fabric. Their friendly nature makes them peoples’ pet as they make the best use of home ingredients and age-old recipes to bring to the table the best bakery products loved by one and all.

So what can one expect to eat at Goan bakeries?

  • Savories: Patties, chicken rolls, prawn Rissois, Beef croquettes, burgers, spring rolls
  • Goan sweets: Bebinka, Dodol, Boll, Dosh, Bolhina
  • Fresh Cakes: Carrot, walnut, plum, banana, and chocolate

The Best and common time to visit the bakery is between 8 am -1 pm; 4 pm-8 pm

Following is the list of 10 best bakeries in Goa

  1. La Confiserie Bakery, Calangute

The La Confiserie Bakery is the brainchild of Lawrence Fernandes who brought it into existence back in November 1999 in the Candolim area, near Calangute. This bakery is a hit among the locals and was a small outlet. The bakery is located near Fort Aguada Road and is known for Goan sweets and sells: Boll (Rs. 20 each), Dodol (Rs. 150 for 500g), Bebinka (Rs. 140 for 500g), and Dosh. Besides, these there are some bakery snacks also available such as Chicken Croissant (Rs. 35), Veg Patties (Rs. 12), Pork Sausage Roll (Rs. 20), Beef Patties (Rs. 12) and Chocolate Brownies (Rs. 40) which are savoured by one and all.

Their specialty is Goan Plum Cake (Rs. 110 for 500g), Banana Cake and Carrot Cake.
During Christmas, this bakery serves marzipan, coconut biscuits, and Christmas cakes.

  • Reviews: 118
  • Timing: The bakery open from 8 am to 8 pm.
  1. Geeta Bakery, Panjim

This is a very old bakery and one of Panjim city’s gems. Set way back in 1948, only a year after India’s independence and long before the Portuguese ended their rule over Goa, a Keralite named Anandan Malabari started this bakery. This bakery is famous for its veg patties, which attracts huge crowds. Also, the chicken and egg patties are equally famous. Though a tiny corner shop, Geeta Bakery is located in Panjim’s central shopping area and diagonally opposite to Police Headquarters. It also serves both eggless and with egg-based cakes and biscuits. A veg patties here costs Rs 7 while a chicken & egg patties come at Rs 10.

  • Timing: 9 am to 8 pm.
  • Ratings: 616
  1. Bakers Street, Sangolda

This is a bakery and cake shop located on the Chogm Road on the Porvorim-Sangolda road, opposite the Copper Leaf restaurant. Open throughout the day, it closes at 1 am. Their Snacking eatery – The bacon wrap, Doughnuts, Smoked meats and shakes are a must-try item. The food variety here is amazing and so are the yummy cakes. A pretty decent place and very good for some of the best cakes in North Goa. A good place to chill with a cup of coffee, but a bit on the expensive side.

  • Ratings: 2675
  • Timings: 9 am–1 am.
  1. Dom Pedros, Margao

It’s a modest bakery near the central circle in Old Margao. The bakery specializes in varieties of mouth-watering fried goodies. Established in 2000, by Peter Pereira, its delicious list of Beef Samosas, Chicken Spring Roll, Veg Spring Roll, Prawn Rissois, Cheese Cutlets, Doughnuts, and Eclairs are a class aprt. Even the Goan sweets such as Boll, Dosh, and Bolina are available here. Besides, Margao they have opened a branch in Vasco also. The cheese cutlets available here are tasty and so are their spring rolls.

Prawn Rissois is a Portuguese origin savory item which is batter-fried and a filling of prawns is done in a cheesy and cream sauce. Most of the snacks are priced between Rs 10 to 15. Doughnuts are worth Rs 25 each.

  • Ratings: 133
  • Timings: Seating is available and the timing is from 9 am to 2 pm and 4 pm to 7 pm.
  1. Anjona Bakery, Betalbatim

This bakery was started by John Fernandes in 1998 at the Betalbatim crossroads. The Anjona Bakery has since become highly popular both among locals and visitors. Presently it is being managed by John’s daughter Jovina Fernandes who has tweaked the menu and also extended it with some more additions in the breakfast list. Like most bakeries in Goa, Anjona is known for its patties and puffs in veg, mushroom, beef, egg, chicken, prawn & squids. It bakes fresh banana, carrot and plum cakes and makes some mouth-watering cornflakes biscuits.

The bakery also displays biscuits, cookies, canapes and muffins. Beef Croquettes, Chicken Rolls and Burgers made of chicken and beef are also a hit. The bakery also serves delicious breakfast and includes fried eggs, omelet-cheese-mushroom, pav bhaji, tea/coffee. Milkshakes, juices, falooda and drinks are also listed on the menu.

  • Ratings: 187
  • Timings: The bakery is open from 7.30 am to 1.45 pm and 4 pm to 8.30 pm.
  1. German Bakery, Anjuna

It is a Bakery and Cake Shop known for its leafy, bohemian vegetarian style with alfresco seating serving wholesome and home-baked food. This place is located in Anjuna. A quiet place with a serious vibe but very tasty and healthy food with an affable environment. Especially suited for breakfast but the Indian menu doesn’t have much of a choice. Chicken Kiev, spinach pie and draught beer is a good combination to have here. This joint has all the prerequisites of being a real laid back hippy hideout. It’s not a stop off place but a destination in itself. It’s very easy to let time slip by here and just chill. Background music puts you in the chill zone.

Menu: Lassies and Milkshakes cost Rs 80. Strawberry, Chocolate, Pineapple shakes and smoothies may cost between Rs 120-140. Kombuchas is a special drink served here and known to be a “miracle” Russian drink that cures cancer and detoxifies the body. There are two such drinks: Classico (organic black tea with raw palm sugar) and Gingerade (fresh white ginger with a hint of honey). Both drinks are priced at a cool Rs 70. Juices, shots & elixirs are also served.

  • Ratings: 250+
  • Timing: 8 am – 11 pm
  1. Café Central, Panjim

One of the finest and oldest bakeries of Goa, this bakery is located off 18th June road in Panaji opposite Panjim Municipality. Established in 1933, café central maintains high-quality standards right from inception and is known for hygiene and taste. Bakeries trademark snacks include vegetable pattice, toast biscuits (rusk) and new inventions like mushroom samosas, whole wheat bread (poyee) and mouthwatering cheese Rissois. Café Central is very popular among Panjimites and there’s always a beeline to buy hot and tasty snacks.

  • Ratings: 499
  • Timing: 9:30am to 12:30pm and 3pm to 7:30pm
  1. Jila Bakery, Camorlim (South Goa)

This is a popular bakery located in a sleepy village of Camorlim in the Loutolim-Raia area in south Goa. This is one of the must-go bakeries in south Goa. Essentially a village bakery it’s a great place for foodies and sells top bakery products like Eclairs, Geneva Pasteries, Apple Strudel. Located just near the Big Foot Museum in Loutolim you can enjoy some sightseeing and visit this bakery for some refreshment and snacks. The plum cake served here is also legendary and so are the biscuits and cakes.

  • Ratings: 438
  • Timing: 8am–7:30pm
  1. Nicolau Bakery, Loutolim

This is one of the older bakeries of Goa in existence since 1965. Started by Nicolau Cardozo this south-Goa bakery is the testimony of its quality for over 35 years. It serves a variety of local bread. In 2000, Nicolau’s daughter in law, Albertina Cardozo, started a full-fledged bakery catering to varieties of cakes and snacks. This bakery also has a small seating area so that people who come to eat there can sit and enjoy the snacks at the bakery itself. Plum cake, along with veg/ beef /egg patties and cutlets are also in demand here. Rose Cookies, Biscuits, Boll, and Bolhina (Goan Sweet) are equally delightful. If you want to visit this bakery, it’s on the way to Big Foot museum in Loutolim, a town nearby Margao.

  • Rating: 63
  • Open Hours: This bakery is open from 7.30 am to 1.30 pm and 3.30 pm to 8.30 pm.
  1. Patisserie Delicieux, Morjim-Arambol

This is a delectable bakery located on the Morjim-Ashwem Road in Arambol, Opposite Morjim Beach resort. Goa’s best Cakes are available at this place where online sales and delivery for birthday cakes, weddings and celebration cakes are also honoured. Always best to visit for a quick bite if you are near Arambol or Ashwem beach. Small finger food pastries are good to eat while strolling along this area.

The croissants are very authentic as per Indian standards. This place also serves coffees and their air-conditioned bakery is a nice stop-over in hot afternoon. Their amazing Panini, and to die for cupcakes and the choux are just mouth-watering.

  • Ratings: 75
  • Timing: 8am–10pm

List of Bakery restaurants in Goa

Goa has a long list of Bakery cum restaurants that are known for their signature snacks and serve coffee, shakes and mouthwatering pastry as well. Here’s a list of some popular bakery-restaurants in Goa:

  • Carasid (Panaji)
  • Britto’s Bakery (Calangute)
  • Caramel (Vivanta Panaji)
  • Myles High Bakehouse (Panaji)
  • German Bakery (Anjuna)
  • Artisan Backerei (Calangute)
  • Mr. Baker 1922 (Panaji)
  • Pastry Cottage (Panaji)
  • Truffles (Panaji)
  • Sugarlicious(Panaji)
  • Pastelaria (Panaji)
  • Thalassa (Siolim)

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Savour the best cakes, snacks and other baked delicacies around Goa for some of the best experience at the age-old heritage locations that have been catering to Goa and Goans for the last 70 to 80 years. Goa definitely has the class when it comes to bakery products as there is a local and western confluence in taste and quality at Goan bakeries.

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