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Top 10 New Year Eve Parties and Events in Goa

Planning to celebrate New Year in Goa with friends? But are you confused about where to go and what to do? Now is the time to stop scrolling through videos on social media for recommendations and party events. We have curated a list of the top events to party all night. The New Year Eve season is here. Join in

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Latest situation of Covid 19 in Goa

Goa enters the concluding quarter of this rather forgetful year, marred by the Covid-19 pandemic, with a deep sense of hope as it looks to revive its spiraling economy with some positive measures by opening its doors to tourism The situation of Covid 19 in Goa While Goa is still battling to control the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, the

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Top 10 Tattoo Artists and Parlours in Goa

Tattoo parlour are fast mushrooming in Goa. With the advent of modernization and change of mindset in the community, especially within the young generation, tattooing is no more a social taboo but a flaunting craze that makes you feel special as it allows you to speak through your skin. Goans apart, even the tourists are gripped by the new rage

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Explore 10 Best Night clubs in North Goa

Though Goa is known for its sun, sand and beaches its nightlife is all the more stunning and alluring. Night outs and parties are quite a routine affair for party animals and if you have a fetish to engage in bash in the night, head north and you will have a great choice on offer. It’s perfectly set for friends

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List of Top 10 Yoga Teacher Training in Goa

Overview Goa is among the top three leading centers in India which conduct Yoga Teacher Training programs. After Rishikesh and Dharamsala, Goa is the most sought-after destination where top-notch courses are conducted for Yoga trainers. These courses are recognized by the International Yoga Federation and are also accredited and certified by Yoga Alliance USA. Various yoga teacher training courses are

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