Top 10 Tattoo Artists and Parlours in Goa

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Tattoo parlour are fast mushrooming in Goa. With the advent of modernization and change of mindset in the community, especially within the young generation, tattooing is no more a social taboo but a flaunting craze that makes you feel special as it allows you to speak through your skin. Goans apart, even the tourists are gripped by the new rage of inking one’s body and this state certainly boasts of acclaimed tattoo artists who mean business. They are not only skillful but extremely professional and experienced as well, giving customers the design of their choice.

List of top 10 Tattooist in Goa

Here we look at the best tattoo parlour and studios who have a flourishing business in Goa: Visit the best of locations in Calangute, Baga and unleash yourself and let top artists take control of your body and transform your persona by lifting you to a new level.

  1. RK’s Ink Xposure Tattoo

This tattoo studio is located in Saunta Vaddo Beach Road near the La-Calepso Casino Palms resort in Baga opposite the Holy Chapel. One of the trusted and sought-after studios in Goa and India, this studio is meant for the young generation. Here artists are not only skillful but also experienced.

Experts in: Black & Grey Tattoo; Coloured Tattoo; Cover-up Tattoo; Mandala Tattoo; Portrait; Realism; Religious Tattoo


  1. Moksh Tattoo

This tattoo shop is located on the Calangute Beach Road near Baga circle in Calangute. They boast of the best tattoo artists in India and specialize in: portrait tattoo, tribal tattoo, custom tattoo and take up designing any tattoo to suit your needs for the best results. Their artist Mukesh is one of the top-notch artists in Goa and has over 7 years of experience. He is one among the best in Goa and top-most in India as well.


  1. Krish Tattoo

This tattooist is located near Infantaria Restaurant on the Calangute-Baga Road. This is one of the most reputed shops for tattooing and has a bunch of experienced professionals who deal in fine work and also specialists in the 3D tattoo. Actually, Vijay and Krish are the two artist partners who run the show here.


  1. Sandy Tattoo

This tattoo shop is named after and run by a talented tattoo artist Sandy who runs the show here. Located near SBI bank on the Calangute beach road, this studio caters to quality designing and care at an affordable budget. The designs are conceptualized based on the client’s thoughts and imagination. This place is known for its hygiene and is client-friendly where customer satisfaction is the top priority.


  1. Angel tattoo studio

Driven by a philosophy that says ‘get tattooed and let you skin talk’, the Angel studio is one of Goa’s most trusted and loved studios. They say: “Good tattoos are not cheap and cheap tattoos are not good.” This sums up their vision of delivering the highest quality of work and customer satisfaction. Having set shop in Tito’s lane in Baga, the studio offers services such as permanent body art, cover-up tattoos, custom design, temporary and arm-band tats as well.


  1. Kraayonz tattoo studio Goa

This is a multi-city tattoo studio (Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore) with a base in Goa as well. Their forte is Portraits Tattoos, Black and Grey Tattoos, Japanese influenced Tattoos and Traditional Tattoos. In Goa, they have set shop in Aldona, at 733/1, Khoirut Vaddo. For the convenience of lady clients who want their bodies to get tattooed, there is a female tattoo artist by the name Kelsey available.


  1. Gupta Tattoo Studio

Arguably, the best tattoo and body piercing studio in Goa, this place is a top shop when it comes to getting the best designs tattooed on your body. This studio is the talk of the town and the main branch is located opposite Domino’s Pizza, near Navtara Hotel in Calangute. They are spread everywhere in north Goa and their shops are set up at Anjuna, Arpora, Vagator, Candolim and Sinquerim.


  1. Kinjal Tattoo

This is a south-Goa based tattoo studio located in Palolem with over 20 years of solid experience and a host of professional and talented artists at the service of various clients. They offer 100% hygienic service and specialize in arm, leg and back tattoo. They are known to maintain the highest industry standards at an affordable price.


  1. Kuku’s Tattoo Parlour:

This parlour operates at Hotel Park Avenue on the Calangute-Baga Rd, Near Infantaria Bakery and opposite McDonald’s, Calangute. This parlour is a cozy place with amazing service and great work. Rated as a top tattoo shop, the Kuku’s staff is very friendly and honest. The staff will consult with you properly before taking up the work. It’s value for money.


  1. Dragon ink tattoo

This studio is located next to Plantain Leaf Restaurant in Naika Vaddo, Calangute. Dragon Ink Tattoo studio is one of the most professional tattoo studios in Goa. Very clean and hygienic this place takes care of client’s requirement and the artists too are very professional. Besides tattooing, this place also offers a host of services like haircut, waxing, threading, manicure, and pedicure.


*Cost of tattooing in Goa:

Tattoo cost depends on the artwork, its complexity and the skill of the artist. On average, in Goa, most studios charge their clients anywhere between ₹3,000 to ₹10,000 for a 2-4 inch tattoo. This is a general guideline as prices may vary depending on various factors.

(Kindly note that most tattoo studios in Goa have not revealed the exact price of tattooing on their websites as it depends on the size and complexity of the design. Most importantly the price varies from artist to artist as his skill and artistry become the defining factor and also the experience counts. So it all comes down to the artist and the type of body tattoo one wants to be engraved on his/her body.)

Top-10 Things to know before choosing tattooists

Tattooing is not a child’s play. It’s a process of getting your body (or areas of it) inked with a design permanently. Therefore, care must be taken to weigh the pros and cons of the practice of getting your body tattooed, for the simple reason that your own body is on the line. There are several aspects that you might have to consider before getting inked as this practice is directly linked to your safety and hygiene. So it is worth paying attention to a few important things before you decide to get tattooed.

  • Good research: This is a very very important step. Tattooing is like buying any service or goods. One wouldn’t buy garbage from the market for any price, isn’t it? Therefore, thorough online research of a tattoo studio is essential before you make a decision to get tattooed from that place. Later on you should not regret for having burnt your fingers. So best is to get a bit obsessive about going through the portfolios before taking the next step.
  • Don’t price shop: Do not visit a tattoo parlour or a studio preempting about the price of getting tattooed. Good things don’t come cheap and cheap things are not good. That’s the cliché one probably needs to understand as the tattoo isn’t something that’ll stay on your body just for a night. It’s there for a lifetime and will go to the grave with you.
  • Check out the guy who runs the business: Remember it is the artist in the parlour who shapes your tattoo and it is his skill that decides the final outcome. Therefore, go with your gut feeling that the person who will draw a tattoo will do a good job. It is also important that you strike the right chord with the tattooer and also check out on the cleanliness of the studio. It’s important to know about the tattooer’s past work as well.
  • Choose the right design: Tattooing is like some insignia carved on your body that lasts permanently. Ensure you mean what you want to convey through a tattoo. Think well before you decide the theme and ensure that it doesn’t get you in trouble. It goes without saying that your tattoo shouldn’t force you to regret. Avoid designs that might be socially unacceptable or could ruin lives. Pick something that conveys a personal meaning or something that’s beautiful.
  • Don’t go drunk: There’s not much of an explanation needed here. It’s self-explanatory. Would you deal with a drunken person on a normal course? So why will someone tattoo you if you aren’t sane? It applies everywhere.
  • Eat something before you go: Tattooing takes a while. It’s all about being patient and watching your body being tattooed and this can take some time, long enough to give you hunger pangs. So carry a candy or chocolate bar with you or eat a good meal before you get ready to be inked.
  • Don’t come in with a posse:  Avoid getting a group of friends along with you in a tattoo shop as this adds to the commotion of the place. It’s like too many cooks spoil the broth. Be firm on what design you want. Advice from everywhere can even confuse the artist and you might end up getting something undesirable on your body. Do it all by yourself and strike the right rapport with the tattooer.
  • Be sure of what you want: Do not get into a shop with a cluttered mind. Be clear of what design you want and where exactly on your body should it fit in. Also, be clear on the size and shape. Once everything is sorted out, give it a go-ahead. This is important as the tattoo artist will first put a transfer of the tattoo on your body before actually proceeding with the needle and ink.
  • Tattooing hurts! Accept this! Getting tattooed means it is definitely going to hurt. But, it depends on your capacity and mindset as to how you endure the pain. After all, it is the needles poking your skin deeply and quickly.
  • Pay artist tip: Remember your tattoo is a result of your own extensive research. It is you who chose to visit a parlour of your choice and picked an artist you trusted in. So when the artist has given you the best tattoo possible remember to tip him at least 20% in cash only. It’s always cash. So ensure you’ve carried enough cash before entering a tattoo parlour.

Ink you body with the latest and trending tattoos at Goa’s top tattoo studios and parlors and pamper yourself by flaunting the best of messages and designs to express your thoughts. Let your skin speak forever through your imaginative designs.

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