Top 10 Watersports Activities In Goa

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Banana ride in Goa

Goa has been one of the most popular tourist destinations attracting over lacs of tourists from all around the globe. Especially for all the beachgoers, Goa is a paradise. For all watersports fanatics, the majestic deep blue Arabian Sea has a lot to offer. There are a number of things to do while you are in Goa, but the ones that you should have on your bucket list are Adventurous watersports activities.

Explore the top 10 astounding Water activities in Goa that will leave you spellbound.


Scuba Diving in Goa
Scuba Diving at Grand Island, Goa

Scuba Diving is an activity that any individual would like to savor. Goa has one of the best spots with great visibility and a variety of marine animals to see. Get a chance to be a part of the mysterious and slow-motion world and witness the sheer wildlife underwater, for our oceans have many wonders to show us.  This underwater activity is suitable for all above 12 years of age as per safety guidelines. The best spot is known for scuba diving is around an island named Grande Island and it has various Basic and Premium packages for short or long drives. You can enroll for whichever package suits your budget. However, to experience top-notch scuba diving- get in touch with certified and trusted tour operators who would ensure an end-to-end proper coordination of your activity with the best services.

Expertise level: The best part about diving is that it is okay to be a non-swimmer.

Location: Grande Island

Cost Start from Rs. 1700pp for 15-20min. Check Scuba Diving Pricing – Goa

Best Time to try: Scuba Diving can be done when the visibility in the water is top-notch. However, the best time to do scuba diving is anytime from October to May.


Flyboarding in Goa – Photo: Goa Water Sports

Lately, a new hydro flighting device has been on the top of bestselling activities in Goa. It is referred to as Flyboarding. This adrenaline-packed sport gives you a chance to defy gravity and balance on a Jet Board that shoots you up in the air. Furthermore, you can even perform tricks like moving back and forth, twisting and diving in water- whatever you are comfortable with.

Expertise level: Moderate- Initial training will be given and there is no need to be a swimmer for this activity.

Price: Check Pricing

Location: Dona Paula, Baga Creek and Siolim etc

Best time to try: All around the year.


Parasailing at Baga Beach, Goa

Get a chance to experience the most invigorating feeling while you are launched off the boat into the air through a parachute. Parasailing is complimented with a dip in the water wherein you are shot up in the air, brought back down- dipped in water and then sent back into the air. Feel the wind racing around you, feel the freedom in flying high up in the soaring sky. Check Parasailing Price

Expertise level: Easy

Pricing Start from INR 850pp

Best time to try: October to April.


Snorkeling at Grand Island – Photo: Goa Tours 

One of the simplest water activities in Goa is Snorkeling. You need not require any complicated equipment or specialized training for this recreational activity. You can easily float around with your snorkel to witness the aquatic life i.e. different fishes, their colors, the reefs, etc. The simplicity of this activity and long-lasting experience makes it one of the top ten watersports in Goa. See Snorkeling Price

Expertise level: Easy, only basic knowledge about swimming is required

Location: Grand Island, COCO Beach, Malvan is also a good choice for snorkeling.

Best time to try: October to April


Monsoons never fail to mesmerize you, similarly, water activities that happen during monsoon also leave you fascinated. One of the bestselling activity is white water rafting that happens on the Mhadei River in Goa.  The thrill of dangerous white water rafting has become a go-to choice for all age groups that happen to visit Goa during monsoons. The most exciting part about rafting is that it is a group activity wherein all together can be a part of the jaw-dropping moments and cherish them lifelong. The concoction of beautiful lush green scenery around, the danger of rafting in the crazy river and teamwork is what makes it worthy to be on the top ten watersports in Goa.

Expertise level: Moderate

Location: Mhadei River

Price: Start from 1800pp Check Pricing

Best time to try: June to September



Once upon a time in Goa, before other waters games became popular, wakeboarding was seen to be happening all around the place. The calm ride turns into a breathtaking adventure as soon as you are pulled by the powerboat you are holding on to.  Once you get a hang of it, you can perform various stunts like Ollie. The lengthy coastline of Goa gives you a chance to explore all the wonders that nature has got to offer. Do not miss out on this activity if you want to loosen up and have some fun. See Wakeboarding Pricing in Goa

Expertise level: Moderate.

Best time to try: October to May



Kayaking in Goa has been one of the favorite sport for those who intend to relax and enjoy the beauty of mangroves, the stillness of backwaters and bays. While you are kayaking, get a chance to witness a variety of birds, crocodiles (if you are lucky enough), different vegetation around etc. Apart from fun, there are even health benefits of Kayaking like it helps to improve your cardiovascular fitness, building muscular strength, leg strength, arms, shoulder. As kayaking is suitable for all age groups, it has managed to grab a place on the list of top ten watersports in Goa.

Expertise level: Easy.

Best Location: Baga Creek, Sal River Backwaters, Siolim, Zuari river Dash, Nerul River,

Pricing: Start from 800pp. See more Kayaking Pricing Goa

Best time to try: October to May



Bored of riding bikes on roads? Don’t worry, Goa has it all. Do not miss the opportunity to experience riding a motorbike on pristine waters of the Arabian Sea. Do not fear to go for it because you will be accompanied by your instructor on the motorbike who will be there to assist you for the times you need any guidance. This Summer, gear yourself up for something new and experience the adrenaline rush while cutting through the wind at a high speed. Check Cost

Expertise level: Easy.

Best Place: Calangute, Baga, Sal, Dona Paula, Candolim

Best time to try: October to April


banana ride in goa
Banana ride in Goa

Now you have a chance to enjoy together with your group when you enroll for the Banana Tube Boat Ride. The policy of a banana ride is to flip you over in the water, failing to which the ride cannot stop. The huge banana-shaped tube can accommodate 6 people on one and is attached to a speed boat that pulls the tube against the waves and eventually flips you in the water and brings you back to the shore. This activity majorly focuses on group fun and the Banana tube boat ride will definitely make you go for it again and the again-sole reason why it has hit the top ten list for watersports in Goa. Check Banana Ride Pricing

Expertise level: Easy.

Best time to try: October to April

  1. Jet Lev Flyer


A similar product to Flyboarding is the Jetlev Flyer which propels the user up in the air giving a flight up to 30ft. Its configuration is more like a traditional rocket belt that allows the user to dive underwater and jet back out. This would be the flight of a lifetime whereupon rising to all-new heights, the flyer can witness the impeccable beauty of the golden coastline and a stretch of coconut trees around. There are various packages for the same to make it affordable for everyone.

These packages are inclusive of training, equipment rentals, actual airtime, etc. Adding on to this, to capture every moment of the flight, there are photographers who can take photos and videos of you by paying some money extra. The location of this activity in Goa is known for its lush green beauty around and hair-raising views of the city and coastline. The accompanies who do not wish to do fly can just relax at the shore to enjoy the exotic beauty of the place.

Jetlev Flyer is another activity that leaves you with a dyed-in-the-wool experience for life. Hence, this sport hits the list of top ten watersports activities in Goa undoubtedly.

Expertise level: Moderate

Best Season: October to April.

Pricing: Jetlev Pricing in Goa

Water Sports Activities in Goa Price List 2021 (Updated October 2021-2022)

Water Sports Activity Price
Parasailing (1.-2 Min.) Rs. 850/- Rs. 1100 (With Deep)
Scuba Diving
(20 Min. / 40 Min.)
Rs. 3100/-
(Without Training)
Rs. 4200/-
(With Swimming Pool Training)
Jet Skiing (1-2 Minute) Rs. 350 Per Person Rs. 499 Per Person (Self Ride )
Snorkeling at Grand Island Rs. 1550 Per Person At Grand Island
Wind Surfing (60 Minute) Rs. 1500 Per Person
Wake Boarding in Goa Rs. 1700 2 Pax
Banana Ride (10 Min.) Rs. 300 (4 Pax)
Speed Boat Ride (5 Min.) Rs. 430 Per Person Rs. 2599 for 6 People
Fly Boarding (15-20 Min.) Rs. 2400/-
Rafting Rs. 1600
River Rafting
Rs. 1950
Sea Rafting
Jetlev Flyer (20 Min.) Rs. 2500/-
Mangrove Kayaking
5 km./  2 Hrs
Rs. 4300 Per Person Rs. 5500 Couple
Sunset Kayaking Rs. 1000 (2 Hours )
Moonlight Kayaking Rs. 1499 (3 Hours)
Bumper Boat Ride (1-2Min) Rs. 800 for 2 Person

Goa has something in the box for all. The list is endless; however, top ten activities are listed above. One can never be bored in Goa. So get set to experience the thrill and adventure in Goa and go back home with a remarkable experience that will keep bringing you back as you can never get enough of Goa.

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