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Though Goa is known for its sun, sand and beaches its nightlife is all the more stunning and alluring. Night outs and parties are quite a routine affair for party animals and if you have a fetish to engage in bash in the night, head north and you will have a great choice on offer. It’s perfectly set for friends and couple. Little wonder then why Goa is dubbed as the “party capital” of India. North Goa is the most happening place and its swanky clubs always remain a prime attraction for party-lovers.

Here’s a look at some of the top night clubs of North Goa.

  1. Club Cubana

Set over a hill on the Calangute – Aropra road, this is the most sought after night club. It’s a “Night Club in the Sky”. From Neon lights, DJs, multi-level dance floors, expansive bars and outdoor pools to trance parties and discos, this place has it all. Suited for all genres, Club Cabana is ideal for a night out with your girlfriend as stags are not permitted. So hang out whole night!


  • Closed on Monday.
  • Ladies night on Wednesdays
  • Model’s night on Saturday
  • Opens at 9.30pm & Closes 4am (Tues-Sunday)
  • Couples fees are Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 1,700 during the slack season and Rs 1,800 to Rs. 2,000 during peak season.
  1. Club Tito’s

One of the most famous night clubs of Goa, Tito’s has been in existence since 1971. Located on the Baga beach, it’s a fully sufficient place with bars serving both Indian and foreign liquor and breathtaking music in the company of renowned domestic and international DJs. There are in fact two famous nightclubs – The Retro Bar & the Club Bollywood. Rest assured that this place will take you to an altogether different planet. While the Club Bollywood attracts all Bollywood music fans, the Retro Bar is all classic rock, hip-hop and pop music.


  • Twin nightclubs – Retro Bar & the Club Bollywood
  • It is important to note that if you plan a visit to Tito’s with friends then you will not be allowed to leave until the wee hours.
  • Per couple entry fee is Rs 2000 (Sunday to Thursday) & Rs 2,500 for stag entry. For Mambo the rates are Rs 1,500 for couples and Rs 3,000 for stags.
  • Open all days from 6 pm to 3 am 
  1. SinQ Night Club

If you are game for drinks and want to dance and have unlimited fun all night then, SinQ is made for just you. A lounge resort and a happening nightclub located in Candolim, this place has the vibe and ambiance suited just for your party needs. What adores this place is the state-of-the-art sound system, a fully loaded bar, and four entertainment zones and DJs pulling you into a trance that will make your night even more memorable. If you wish to party under a starry sky, there’s enough open space to meet that need as well.


  • Four entertainment zones
  • Fully stocked bar
  • Open space for outdoor party
  • State of the art sound system
  • Open all days from 9pm to 3am.
  1. Café Mambo

Managed by the house of Tito’s, this café is located in Tito’s lane at Baga beach. An ideal place for affordable night outs must suitable for party animals from all across the world where a mix of domestic and international DJs entertain the English, Russians, Ukrainians, Germans, Finnish, Danish, Swedish and Indians all under one roof.


  • Bollywood Night at Bollywood Discotheque – all day at Rs 800-1200
  • Hangover at Cafe Mambo – all day at Rs 1500-2000
  • Free entry for ladies at Mambo every Wednesday from 6 pm onwards
  • Open all days from 6 pm to 4 am
  1. LPK Waterfront

Located in the midst of Candolim River backwaters, the LPK Waterfront is a party spot. Based on the philosophy of Love, Passion, and Karma, this waterfront joint is abuzz with awesome music and a scenic nightclub which makes it a must for party animals who enjoy making merry once the sun goes down. This place is located in Verem on the Nerul road.


  • Plays a mix of Hindi, Punjabi and English music
  • 1700 is the cover charges along with the cost of food
  • Check out before you visit that entry is restricted to people above 35yrs
  • Open from 9.30pm to 3.30am on all days.
  1. Kamaki

Another night club located in the Tito’s lane, Kamaki is a crazy night out party place. Just like the Tito’s and Mambos, this place is also a perfect mix of music, food, booze and all-night party. Once you are in by 10 you cannot get out before the crack of dawn.


  • Two massive projector screens beam cricket, international football and Formula One
  • Non-stop music and relaxing bar to just chill on the outside area
  • Open from 6 pm to 4  am on all days.
  1. UV Bar

Known for its psychedelic trance and techno music, this bar is situated north of Anjuna beach and is a perfect location to catch the glimpse of a beautiful sunset.


  • Equipped with 2 dance floors enough to flaunt your moves
  • This place is gripped by pulsating music, fire shows and other such events to lift your spirits
  • Stalls lining the beach offer local delicacies and affordable drinks
  • This open whole week from 10 am to 11.30pm
  1. Cape Town Café

This place has everything you need to gear up for a perfect night party. A fully loaded bar, great music, steaks, pizzas and all that you crave for are available just to make your evening memorable. If you love your football, this place shows it every night on a giant screen as you can switch over from a party animal to being a soccer buff.


  • Located in Tito’s Lane at Baga beach
  • State of the art music
  • Great food including steaks and pizzas
  • Variety of drinks and concoctions
  • Football matches on a giant screen
  • Entry to the bar is free but club entry charge is Rs 1000 for stag and free for a couple.
  • Open from 6 pm to 4 am all days
  1. Antares Restaurant & Beach Club

Located at the Small Vagator Beach in Ozran-Vagator, this beachfront resto-club is an ideal party joint. Open from noon to midnight, this place serves the best of liquor along with continental cuisine and seafood.


  • The average cost for two people is Rs 2000
  • Better to book a table in advance
  • Live entertainment
  • Wi-Fi
  • Smoke zone
  • Seaview & Outdoor seating 
  1. Hill Top Night Club

This is a cult place situated in Vagator best known for its trance music. However, the issue is that Hilltop club is open just on Sundays and now and again on Fridays and Saturdays yet for a brief timeframe – from 4 pm to 10 pm. All things considered, this occurs because of the state law which does not permit the commotion over 45 decibels on the open zone after 10 pm.


  • Hill Top has a big parking lot.
  • Entry fee depends on which day you are entering
  • Drinks on offer is unlimited and drinking water is free.
  • Food served is mostly seafood and various other grills are allowed
  • During New Year eve up to 2.5k crowd rocks Hill Top


With an array of nightclubs dotting the northern beach belt, Goa is truly a haven for party animals. There’s no doubt that Goa remains the ultimate destination to enjoy nightlife to the hilt like no other tourist spot in India. This place is liberal and very visitor who is game for night outs goes back fully satisfied. Party as much as you want and make the most of your travel down to Goa.

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