Diving Guide: All you need to know about Scuba Diving in Goa

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You know there is an excellent combination with Goa and Virginity- First time for everything. Like pub, party, late-night drives. Most of the people who come to Goa enjoy the vacation but more than anything, they are curious about their first time experience. Especially if you want to explore, then Scuba diving in Goa is the ultimate destination. Why would some call it perfect for diving sessions? It is because they may not be the best diving destination but they can help you prep and be an expert so that you will explore quite soon.

Why Do You Think People Are Never Tired Talking About Scuba Diving In Goa?

This Christmas break us getting heated up and if at all you have decided to chill all the days then book tickets to Goa. Also, don’t forget to book your scuba diving session with some of the trainers and coaches out there. Most people who reach here are not prepared; but what keeps them exciting are pools, beaches, oceans, parties, and yes Scuba Diving. There were misconceptions that surrounded scuba diving in Goa. It was never considered the best alternative for scuba diving as the visibility of the underwater is not too good. However, honestly, as a first-timer, you will love every second of splashing water above you. The sea here is bountiful.

Some Facts about Scuba Diving in Goa:

  • Goa is for you to make the baby steps in scuba diving and become an expert quite soon. Unlike Andaman, here sea is much calmer, and the underwater currents are not very forceful. They do exist, but they are not virtually seen. You can even dive in up to 13 meters confidently as the sea best does not hold any chasms out there.
  • Diving in Goa is much cheaper. You will be learning better in the condition, and at the same time, you are just paying a reasonable amount. You will feel that each penny you invested for the scuba diving packages and learning this incredible sport. Always ensure that the coach or trainer you are booking whether he or she has the PADI or SSI certificate.
  • Scuba learning in Goa has flexible and suitable conditions to learn. They are not intimidating. You are making the trusted decision and at the right time of vacation. They really matter.
  • Scuba diving training and diving will cost around Rs 4,000 and 6,000, contingent upon the watersports institutions. The scuba divers trainers certified by PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) are professional jumpers, and their coaching from them begins at 7 am. All scuba jump packaged have a similar diving schedule – a training session in a swimming pool after a short presentation, going to Grande Island in boats and followed by light bites, and so on.


How to get started with Scuba diving in Goa?

It is the point at which you reach Grande Island, and then the genuine fun begins. The well-trained jumpers and expert divers can wander anywhere; however, the neophytes need to remain with the coach. Do recollect that this can be indeed a safe underwater experience instead of thinking it to be intimidating. In addition, you need to adhere to the principles and guidelines given by these instructors every time. The scuba diving packages likewise include taking photos and videos of the entire trip – some offer for nothing and some charge you at a minimal cost. In the wake of encountering the most extreme and joyful experience of seeing underwater flora and fauna, the time has come to return, and this will doubtlessly be an alternate one. Since you would have changed inside and this experience will remain with you the whole life.

Aside from this safe diving experienced from these trainers, you can also get a Scuba diving certification given after rigorous training for just seven to ten days. Keep in mind you ought to be of 10 years to apply for scuba diving. This is crucial because training should not affect your body physically. If you have fatal health ailments, you may be not eligible to apply for this as a diver-training associate.

Diving sessions in Goa is one of the must-do things in Goa. Grand Island in the Goa area is the best jumping goal in India. Goa is one of the prime scuba jumping goals in India. Goa plunging goal offers stunning marine life, corals, reef, and shipwreck. The Dive Sites are for the most part shallow around Grande Island with visibility of 8-10 m.


Cost of Diving in Goa

Scuba packages vary according to the length of the jump. The Cheapest scuba making diving Goa package begins at Rs. 2500. Extraordinary compared to other offering package is FUN jump extraordinarily intended for novices. We work Scuba plunging at Grande Island in Goa from Calangute jump focus.

Popular Dive Sites in Goa:

We perceive that in spite of the fact that everybody would love to visit a dive destinations like Goa, it tends to be a touch of overwhelming discovering direct information available on the web, that gives you enough of that peaceful mind to make you sufficiently agreeable to plan your vacation. Arranging and sorting out a significant diving trip, a long way from home, and finding accurate information on where to jump, where to stay, what jump shops to utilize, what seasons to visit, costs, attractions you should see ashore, and more make it somewhat upsetting.

However, it does not need to be. As individual scuba travelers, we understand your pain concerning getting reliable information to arrange our dive trips, so this manual below may help you in many ways.


Grande Island:

Grande Island is renowned for giving exceptional plunging and swimming knowledge. With profundity extending from 7-20 meters, the place offers some incredible jump spots to browse. Regardless of whether it is your first time or the tenth, Grande Island packs experience for all jumpers running from learners to excellent performers. When you are inside the enchanted submerged world, you will go over plenty of fishes, skates, ocean turtles, shellfish, dolphins and extraordinary and beautiful corals. You will get a wide range of affirmed jumping bundles here; pick the one, which suits you the most. Fabulous Island is found directly off the drift to Vasco De Gama and is just an hour-long ride away (pretty much – relying upon where you board the vessel from).

Pigeon Island:

Pigeon Island has some fantastic scuba jumping locales for you to attempt. Situated on West drift off Murudheswar, the island can become to by taking a 1-hour vessel ride from Murudeshwar in Karnataka and is 100kms far from Goa. Whenever seen from over, the island would have all the earmarks of being heart-formed, the motivation behind why it is affectionately known as ‘heart of India’s plunging.’


Diving in Malvan Tarkali

Regularly contrasted with the beautiful island of Tahiti, Malvan is an incredible affair for Scuba Diving, because of its white sand shorelines. A 2-hour drive from Goa’s Airport (Dabolim), Malvan has everything. Immaculate shores with water sports, vessel rides through a rough ocean to concealed islands, a point where the stream and sea meet, stunning mountain sees out of sight, heavenly nourishment, warm individuals and exquisite dawns and nightfall. Malvan sets a friendly state of mind for scuba plunging. Whether you are a beginner in swimming or the following best thing after Michael Phelps, this place has something for everyone. With a profundity beginning from 5 meters and going until 25, and marine creatures and corals of numerous sorts, you, old friend, are in for a treat.

Sao Gorge Island:

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Found only 25 km from Goa, this extraordinary Island can become inside one and half hours by boat. If this is your first time, Gorge Island is the perfect place for you as the plunges here are altogether shallow, extending from 4 meters – 15 meters. This ultimate plunging goal is glorious, interesting. Need to beat the dread of water? This is the place to be. Favored with a copious submerged universe of hard corals and various fishes, you can appreciate an exceptionally loosening up jump. The visibility around the Island differs from 10 meters to a couple of feet.


Scuba trip at Nagoa is structured remembering beginners. Just past the shore lie cool, sky blue waters, wonderful inlets, and fishes. The permeability in the waters is great so plan an undertaking stuffed plunging trip with your friends and family here.

Directions: – a) 11 km north of the South Goa region central command Margao b) 17 km southeast of Vasco da Gama c) 22 km southeast of the state capital Panjim.


Popular Diving Package in Goa with Price:


For starters without swimming pool training, scuba diving is conducted around Grande Island. Life Jacket is provided for safety, packages include scuba diving equipment and dolphin sightseeing. PADI Dive Master will be giving a precise briefing on underwater exploration. Snacks, mineral water & meals (veg and non-veg) provided.

Charges: INR 3199.00

Briefing duration: 20 minutes

For Swimmers:

This is designed especially for people who are already trained swimmers as water will be shallow. The package includes similar things as mentioned above except 45 minutes of training in the swimming pool. Keep yourself hydrated and carry an extra set of clothes, sunscreen, and sunglasses.

Charges: INR 4200.00

Supervised dive: 20 minutes

Fun jumpers: For certified divers and for local divers, the nearest destinations are around Grande Island. Cost incorporates two dives and equipment is for rental along with juice/water, and the boat charges to pick up and drop charges.
Charges: INR 5,000.00

PADI scuba divers – 2 Days
For those restricted on time, however, wishing to set out toward a certification course. This package will consist of a classroom instruction session covering three modules of the Open Water Course, three pool sessions, and 2 Open dives underwater. These certifications give you a chance to dive under the direction of a PADI certificate provided.
Charges: INR 16,000.00

Open watercourse – 4 days
For neophytes, this course comprises 4 Classroom sessions, two pool sessions, and 4 Open Water Dives. Course expense incorporates a unique PADI manual and diving schedule, a logbook, full scuba equipment, Pool and Boat charges, and the PADI certificates. Globally perceived, this confirmation gives you a chance to plunge independently from anywhere on the planet.
Charges: INR 20,000.00

Advanced Open Water Course – 2 days
This course comprises of five Open Water Dives including the Core Dives (deep and route diving) and three elective jumps. Course expense incorporates a unique PADI manual and jump slate, full scuba hardware, proficient teacher expense, Boat charges, and the PADI certification. Pre-imperative: -PADI Open Water Diver certificate along with the Basic CMAS/NAUI/IANTD/BSAC accreditation.
Charges: INR 15,000.00

Rescue Diver Course – 3 days
This course comprises of 8 hours of Classroom Training and 12 modules of in-water preparing. Course charges incorporate the Rescue jumper manual, rental for equipment, boat charges, and Certification Card. Essential: PADI Advanced Open Water Diver accreditation.
Charges: INR 18,000.00

For people who stay for an extended vacation. The Open Water Diving Course for the SSI, which is excluded above (not the PADI one), and it costs around 17000 INR. You will be asked to send them an email and get some information about the current packages to book them.

Signing off:

Scuba diving is sensual. Breathing turns into a rhythmic song of inward breaths and exhalations. The splits and flies of fish and shellfish fit with the musical ringing of the rises as you breathe out. Lungs start controlling your buoyancy as you accomplish weightlessness. Furthermore, as in your fantasies, you are flying. Join these supernatural upgrades, and you surrender entirely to the haven of the submerged world.

Engaging coral power, lobsters, splendid dull fine, and another maritime soul can be beneficially grasped in these rack waters. The waters in Goa are safe and calm. An evocable of respect before you scuba invade, through your plans and arrangements. Get ready folks! This winter break is all yours.

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