Collection of 10 Best Cafes in North Goa

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Café culture is widely prevalent in Goa, which has adopted a westernized culture since independence from the Portuguese. There are several cafes, with a variety of their own, seen mushrooming on the vibrant coastal belt of this tourist-friendly state. With tourism high on the state agenda, hordes of tourists from across the globe and from within the country flock to this beach destination annually. They are all on the lookout for cafes and restaurants that can allow them to chill, relax and chat for a few hours, at least, while enjoying the ambiance and beachfront views as the sun goes down into the Arabian Sea.

Nothing can be more enchanting than to sink-in with such a setting enveloping you with a chilled beer or a coffee of your choice in hand. Yes, Goa does have an endless list of cafes that are catering to the needs and tastes of a wide array of tourists who come to the state in search of something unique. And, cafes do form such an integral part of Goa’s tourism that life without them can hardly be imagined. In fact, cafes end up being a confluence of people who are from varied backgrounds but sit under one roof and truly enjoy Goan hospitality.

  1. Royal Enfield Garage Cafe

This cafe is located at Villa Rodrigues, Arpora, Baga Creek Road. A cafe ideally suited to spend 20 minutes to 1.5 hours depending on your leisure time. The place remains open till midnight. What’s good about the cafe is that it has a good ambiance and service in addition to some nice music. Great place with a fantastic setting. The whole bike garage cum restaurant concept is really clever and the Royal Enfield museum adds a lot to it. Excellent fusion cuisine that tastes and looks great. A must visit place for all the bike lovers.

There is a Royal Enfield showroom and garage as well. You get to witness some of the most stunning bikes for your viewing. Situated right at the Baga River, this store is easily one of the best concept that is out there today. It has a bike and accessories store with a service center right behind the store and a two-floor cafe with decent seating capacity. You just don’t feel like leaving the place once you enter the garage cafe.

Definitely, a place to visit whenever you are in Goa. It was an awesome experience. Their Sunday “Stories” (11 am to 3 pm) is another event you will want to keep an eye out for, where they have speakers talking about motorcycles, music, dance, tourism and many other topics.

Location: Baga Creek Road, Arpora, Goa

Contact: Call Royal Enfield Cafe


  • Roadworthy Eggs: Two eggs sunny-side up: Rs 125;
  • Dhaba Style Egg Burji: Rs 125;
  • Lamb kheema: Rs 185;
  • Masala Omelette: Rs 165;
  • Stuffed Souffle Omelette: Rs 250;
  • Sandwiches for the road: Prawn & Avacado: Rs 225;
  • Herbed Chicken Mayo: Rs 185.
  • Hydration Pack: Pint of beer: Rs 120;
  • Sweet Lime: Rs 160;
  • Beet & Carrot: Rs 160;
  • Pomegranate & Pineapple: Rs 140;
  • Fresh Watermelon & Mint: Rs 130;
  • Mango Lassi: Rs 165
  1. Artjuna

This is a Portuguese-style cafe venue serving international dishes and mainly concentrating on health and wellness. The Mediterranean food, smoothies, coffee, and baked goodies are all to die for. Their Hummus is of good quantity and filling. Great coffee, super friendly staff and even during the rush hour their service is very fast. Overall, this place is a cute hipster style cafe with fresh coffee and great food options. They have a dedicated bakery section which has goodies like cheesecake and cookies.

Contact: Call Artjuna

On some occasions, like a Friday evening, they screen a movie. Mostly the place is visited by foreigners but it is a cool place to hang out. They also have yoga and Pilate’s section and a small store for shopping.

Menu: Healthy Food, Mediterranean, Cafe, Israeli, Lebanese. Average Cost for two people is Rs 800 (approx.)

  1. Black Vanilla

This is a ground floor cafe located in Landscape Excelsior, Campal in Panjim. The place has lovely food and a rustic ambiance. The pulled chicken sandwich and veg sandwich with mushroom and spinach are a good choice. The friendly staff and vibe are very appealing.

Location: Compal, Panjim, Goa

Contact: Call Black Vanilla

Menu: Their sandwiches, burgers, soups are quite renowned. Breakfast, the Bonjour one is a filling and costs Rs 380. This comprises 2 fried eggs, baked beans, mushrooms, chicken sausages, bacon, a glass of fresh watermelon juice and toast. Various sandwiches may range from Rs 175 to 250 while burgers both veg and non-veg are in the upper range of Rs 200.

  1. German Bakery

It is a Bakery and Cake Shop known for its leafy, bohemian vegetarian style with al fresco seating serving wholesome and home-baked food. This place is located in Anjuna. A quiet place with a serious vibe but very tasty and healthy food with an affable environment. Especially suited for breakfast but the Indian menu doesn’t have much of a choice. Chicken Kiev, spinach pie and draught beer is a good combination to have here. This joint has all the prerequisites of being a real laid back hippy hideout. It’s not a stop off place but a destination in itself. It’s very easy to let time slip by here and just chill. Background music puts you in the chill zone. German Bakery is listed among top Bakeries in Goa.

Location: Anjuna, Goa

Contact: Call or Book Table

Menu & Cost: Lassies and Milkshakes cost Rs 80. Strawberry, Chocolate, Pineapple shakes and smoothies may cost between Rs 120-140. Kombuchas is a special drink served here and known to be a “miracle” Russian drink that cures cancer and detoxifies the body. There are two such drinks: Classico (organic black tea with raw palm sugar) and Gingerade (fresh white ginger with a hint of honey). Both drinks are priced at a cool Rs 70. Juices, shots & elixirs are also served.

  1. Baba Au Rhum

It’s a top choice French restaurant with an open garden–restaurant vibe. Partly bakery and French cafe, this joint serves filled baguettes, croissants, crostini or quiche along with creamy pasta or a filet mignon. Craft beer on tap is also served. This Anjuna based café has an amazing decent with a great view of the fields on the side, and the location is a decent one. Pizzas here are also a class apart. Handmade, Crust ones are served on the spot. The blueberry shake is known to have a very nice touch and Baba Au Rhum definitely recommends for breakfast.

Menu: Italian, French, Cafe. A pint of beer costs Rs 100.

Contact: Book Table or Call

Cost for 2 People: The average cost of eating for two people is Rs 1000.

  1. Cafe Bodega

Cafe Bodega -Goa

Located at Sunaparanta Centre for the Arts, Near Lar De Estudiantes, Altinho, Panaji, this place is a quaint cafe in a renovated house that also houses an art gallery. The ambience is nice. The coffee and sandwiches are absolutely fantastic. The interior and the exterior of this place is beautiful. This is a perfect cafe to chill, not only during the morning time but the afternoons and evenings as well. This cafe is perfectly lit with nice round lanterns.

Location: Altinho, Panaji

Contact: Book Table / Call

Menu: The cafe serves cakes, Quesadillas, cupcakes, sandwiches and various other baked food items, to grab and sit endlessly for hours to chit-chat without being aware of the time. This cafe is famous for their red velvet cupcake.


  • NON-VEG -Chicken burger | Mushroom| Mayo on a Burger Bun: Rs 280 / 170;
  • Mustard Chicken | Tomato in a 7 Grain: 280/ 170;
  • Spicy Shrimp | Siracha Mayo served on a Potato Bread costs 280 / 170;
  • Beef Juicy Lucy | Bacon on Burger Bun: 280 / 170.
  • VEG- Grilled Veggies and Feta in Whole-wheat Poli: 240 / 150;
  • Falafel | Hummus in a Whole Wheat Poli: 240 / 150;
  • Grilled Cheese and chutney on Pullman Bread: 200 / 120.
  1. Café de Goa

Café de Goa calangute 1

An offbeat café at the Red Tower, Orchard Villas in Porbavaddo, Calangute, this place is a very lively and happening with music every Friday and delicious BBQ. Food options are English French and Greek while the menu is varied at reasonable prices, and service is excellent. It’s a great café simply because it stands out in the busy Calangute street and has enough parking. This joint also has a good green field view and a home feeling cafe. The Chocolate cake served here is just perfect. Very nice place with friendly and courteous staff. They make awesome coffee.

Contact: Book Table / Call

Menu: Sandwich, Waffles, Caramel Shake, English breakfast, Eggs Benedict etc. For two, the approx. cost for eating here will be around Rs 600.

  1. Cafe Candolim

Cafe Candolim

This cafe is a very quaint cafe located in Bammon Vaddo, Candolim and serves a generous quantity of good quality food, a wide range of beverages and has excellent service standards. Open from 8 am to 8 pm, this cafe offers both air-conditioned and alfresco sitting areas. Their grilled sandwiches and waffles are worth trying out. This place also serves a good breakfast. Though small and beautiful this place has amazing preparations. Grilled chicken sandwich, pineapple juice, scrambled eggs, sausages and coffee will all get a grand thumbs up. The place is designed beautifully; interior and exterior and catches instant attention of people passing by. Decent menu and quick service. Highly recommended in Candolim.

Contact: Call Cafe Candolim

Menu: Coffee, Sandwich, Peanut Butter Shake, Cappuccino, Masala Chai, Waffles, Pancakes etc. Average Cost for two people is ₹500 (approx.)

  1. Vivenda Kafe

Vivenda Kafe

Located near Lemon Tree, opposite the Magnum Resort on the Fort Aguada Road in Candolim, this cafe is a warm and welcoming place serving excellent coffee and desserts. It’s a small local cafe with yummy choice of food and coffee. Serves amazing cheese-cakes, sandwiches, burgers and puffs. Apple pie, blueberry cake and a chocolate mouse is a delight to eat here. The Blueberry cheesecake here is a must-eat item if you are in North Goa.

Location: Magnum Resort, Fort Aguada Rd, Candolim

Contact: Call Vivenda Kafe

Menu: Sandwich, Apple Pie, Brownie, Irish coffee, Cheesecake, Cappuccino, Burgers. For a couple eating here, the cost would come to Rs 300. A beer pint is priced at Rs 70.

  1. Beans N Brews

An all coffee and tea café located in Caculo Mall, Panjim, this place has a variety of tea and coffee served at the table. You can pick and choose from a series of special teas and coffee listed on the menu just to pump you up for the day. Best enjoyed with a group or friends.


Coffee and tea are priced between Rs 50 to Rs 75 depending on your choice.
Coffees of the world: Arabic Kahwa-Rs 75; Turkish Coffee-Rs 75; Vietnamese Iced Coffee-Rs 75; Belgian Coffee-Rs 60; Meter Kaapi-Rs 50

Contact: Call Beans N Brews

The best of India (Rs 50): Darjeeling Organic Summer Tea; Chinese Style Green Tea; Assam Upper Suchong; Nilgiri.


Goa gives you varied choice to enjoy, eat, tour and chill at a party. Therefore, cafes do become an important part of your tour itinerary, especially if you want to stop over at a place to grab a bite and sip freshly brewed coffee or you want to have a French breakfast somewhere else. There’s a lot a café can offer in terms of variety and choice merely with its rustic and quaint ambiance at some place or can also make you feel at home with its homely décor. There are some that present you with an opportunity to enjoy long evening hours with a loved one or party with friends over a few pints of beer and overlooking a beach cliff or viewing the sunset in the backdrop of pristine beach settings of Goa. There’s so much one can experiment with and customize your need if you find the right place to chill and hang out. Goa has it for you. So explore the north and south beach belts of Goa and enjoy the cafes like never before and make your tour all the more memorable!

10 Best Cafes in North Goa

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